Breakpoint Brewery

What's your BREAKPOINT?!

Breakpoint Brewery

Breakpoint Brewery is small home brewery I have set up on our compound in SW Michigan. The brewery originated during my time in Minneapolis where my skills and enjoyment of homebrewing grew. In Minneapolis, Breakpoint mainly consisted of a closet, but it grew and contracted at different times, but now the brewery has it’s own garage and space.  There should be some significant improvements with this growth.

The name comes from a behavioral measure of how strong a drug’s ability is to maintain the behavior that produced the presentation of the drug. In other words, would you be willing to do ten pushups for a pint of my beer? twenty pushups? thirty? forty? At what point would you stop doing pushups for a pint of my beer? This is your breakpoint.

And yes, I am a dork.

And no, you do not have to do pushups for my beer…you just need to know where my secret lair is.

So, what’s your BREAKPOINT? Because this beer is definitely Worth Working For!


3 thoughts on “Breakpoint Brewery

  1. I love it! However, I can’t see the entire Breakpoint Brewery sign at the top.
    It’s very fun and I will love knowing what’s on tap at the current moment. Good luck with the growth of your hops!

  2. Currently, Breakpoint does not ship beers, so you’ll either have to visit the brewery directly or wait and see if Santa brings you some.

  3. I like the name of your brewery, very clever.
    I’m available for taste testing, send me a sixer.

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