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Wye Oak – Civilian

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I sit here drinking a Requiem’s Rollercoaster and have surfed the Merge Records site for a little while. I was not exactly sure what I was going to order as there’s still a lot that I want from there, but nothing that I had to have this month. In the end, I decided that I wanted to keep trying new artists like I did with last month’s “Mashing with Mergepurchase. I wasn’t feeling the rocking of Let’s Wrestle or Times New Viking, so I went with the quietness of Wye Oak’s Civilian.

Seeing as my wife had my computer for a considerable amount of time tonight, I sat in the study surfing and listening to the full stream of Civilian. This gave me a bit of head start on the recipe and I am kind of thinking about an American Brown Ale. I should be posting a recipe sound as I already have a base brown ale recipe that I’ve been tweaking and could possibly use here.


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