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I need to report on other things and possibly with this 3 day weekend, I may get a chance to do that. Real quick: Requiem’s Rollercoaster is going down smooth; Mooney Stars IPA was a bit troublesome to keg because of all the hops in the fermenter, but it’s now kegged and carbonating; and finally, Backroom Bitter was brewed last weekend and fermented all this week.

Now to the hops that do their thing without requiring much work from me, but they have enlisted some security protection.

We got some rain and some sun this past week and I think that made all the hops happy as they’ve all grown a bit. The Magnums are still the dwarf stepchild, but they have grown considerably and are almost reaching the trellis. The Cascades and Zeus got a bit beat up by some storms this week. The Ringwoods kind of took off and the Centennials are doing well themselves.

Here they are:

Pride of Ringwoods





Now, I need to get to work on the other posts and on figuring out how to make my pint glasses tell you when my beer has reached absolute zero.


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