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Man, I can’t believe it’s been a week since I posted. I had plans to evaluate Requiem’s Rollercoaster and let my readers know that I did my yeast starter for my Backroom Bitter. I guess life got the best of my week, so you’ll have to suffer through back-to-back hop growth updates.

Truthfully, the hops didn’t grow much in the past week. While the weather people were calling for rain everyday this week, I think it barely sprinkled once or twice. Now that the hops have been successfully growing for a few weeks, I’m not a huge fan of watering them. Plus, if the weather calls for rain, then I’d just rather let that take care of it. Anyway, I’m brewing tomorrow, so if I think of it, I’ll water them with the immersion chiller water.

Finally, here they are:



Pride of Ringwoods



While I was digging around in our strawberry patch trying to determine what was a weed (everything) and what was strawberries (nothing), I noticed this little guy.

There’s two possibilities of what this is. It’s either Centennials or Chinooks. I’m leaning towards the former because if I’m remembering correctly, I think I filled in a hole that Jezebel dug with the leftover dirt from the planter that I had Centennials in on the porch. Maybe I’ll make a mystery brew with randomly selected grains and some hops off this plant!


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