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The Hop Update

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While I sit here listening to the thunder and enjoying a Requiem’s Rollercoaster, I thought it would be a good idea to show how insane my hops have gone in the past week.

By far my most prolific growers are the Zeus hops (I’m calling them Zeus because that’s what they were sold to me as and I’m well aware that they are more commonly called Columbus).

The next most vigorous growers would be what I am assuming are my Cascade hops. Of course, I’m assuming they are Cascade because they are growing so vigorously. I know it’s hard to differentiate hops, but I think Cascades and Pride of Ringwoods are probably differentiable. I do, though, need to do some research to be sure.

What I am thinking are my Pride of Ringwood hops are not doing so bad now. They only have one bine, but it shot up like 6 inches just over night.

The biggest slacker are my Magnums, but I think they’ll start growing a little better as the sun moves higher in the sky. They currently do not get as much sun as the rest of the guys because the house shadows over them later in the afternoon. This is really their first full growing season as they weren’t planted until mid-season last year. I’m not planning on a good harvest from them this year, but it’s probably a good thing as I’ll be learning how to deal with my hop crop this year since this is my first harvest.

Finally, here are my Centennial hops. Nothing huge, but I’m sure they’ll take off this season because they did last season in their planter.


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