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Backroom Bitter

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Well, I received my CDs last week. I really enjoy supporting a company that has free shipping. It’s clear they understand that their customer’s are just as passionate about their music as they are. As you can see, I was passionate enough about them to upload them to my brewing computer already. Also, one of the great things about this purchase is that the Superchunk CD came with two digital downloads from Merge – A live CD and demos from Here’s Where the Strings Come In.

While I am brewing a two beers this month, I’m not really going to review Here’s Where The Strings Come In as it’s been around for a while and I can’t really say that it is inspiring my second beer. Instead, I will use the excuse that I am brewing a big, huge American Barleywine in honor of the awesome, strong and long-enduring career of Superchunk (and not that I’m trying to clean out my brew closet of aging ingredients). If I’m so inclined I may even send them a bottle of it (if it’s worth that kind of distribution).

I am, though, utilizing the tunes of East River Pipe’s We Live In Rented Rooms to inspire the other beer that I am brewing this month. With that, I’ll write a little mini-review of this album that no one will read, but it will make me feel better and that’s what this blog is all about…me.

Anyway, enough with the self-pity, though, I will say that We Live In Rented Rooms has an underlying bitter tone to it (this is a bit of foreshadowing for the future beer recipe). The album begins with “Backroom Deals” a sad, yet catchy tune with it’s chorus describing how the world moves forward on underhanded agreements. “Tommy Made a Movie” is a rather eclectic tune reminiscent of an ’80s Duran Duran album and may be the low point of the album, but despite that I find the synthetic loop running in my head. To continue down the eclectic stream of We Live In Rented Rooms, “When You Were Doing Cocaine” has a Billy Joel-esque sound to it – probably the piano tunes and tuneful vocals. “Summer Boy” is a quiet tune, while “Flames Are Coming Back” is my clear favorite of the album with the swells of instrumentation and vivid vocal imagery.  All in all, another solid album from another Merge artist (do they have any bad ones?) and I’ll probably pick up The Gasoline Age (to remind myself of the days when gas was under a dollar).

Anyway, if you have not guessed from the foreshadowing earlier in the post, I’ll be making a bitter for this album. I think it’ll be more in the Best Bitter category as I can’t really bring myself to make something as small as a regular Bitter. As I’m not a huge fan of UK hops and don’t have many British grains on hand, I’m going to make a twist on this as an American Bitter. I’ll be using Centennial hops, some Caramel 60L and 120L, and American Ale yeast (California Ale V yeast – as it’ll be slightly more true to the English yeasts that are typically used in this style). I’m hoping that this beer will be nice and refreshing for those hot summer days.

In other news, Requiem’s Rollercoaster is on tap and should be reviewed in the next few days. It did drop a few more points to 1.014 which is pretty close to what I was expecting. Also, Mooney Stars IPA is ready for the keg, but I need to clean the keg for it


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