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May’s Multiple Mashing With Merge

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I’m falling behind here and it’s only the third month of this project – these house projects and my job are getting in the way of brewing. I’ll have to do something about that.

This month’s “Mashing With Merge” purchase is actually purchases.

The first purchase for this month was Superchunk’s reissue of Here’s Where the Strings Come In. While this album is not my favorite of their’s, it’s still a quality album. Also, this reissue (released for Record Store Day) comes with a few extra tracks and an additional download of The Clambakes Volume 5: Cup of Clams. Seeing as I have pretty much everything else released by Superchunk, except the two other reissues (that’s a hint to the only regular reader of this blog), I thought it was a good purchase.

My second purchase of this month was East River Pipe’s latest release We Live in Rented Rooms. I was intrigued by the story of F.M. Cornog – recovering drug addict, Home Depot employee, Merge Records recording artist. Additionally, this album received decent reviews and the listens I got off the intertubes sound good.

Well, it’s a good thing that I have two beers to brew this month. I’ve got a couple recipes up my sleeve that I hope these albums will help mold.


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One thought on “May’s Multiple Mashing With Merge

  1. Thanks for doing all sorts of house projects, even if it’s getting in the way of your brewing. It keeps your only regular blog reader/commenter VERY happy! 🙂

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