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A Mooney Brew Day

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So, I actually brewed this beer a week ago. I didn’t post it because the weather has been too nice and the brewery (aka garage) needed a clean up (still ongoing) and the yard needs some massive clean up due to that nasty ice storm we had this winter.

Anyway, the brew day really wasn’t revolutionary or noteworthy. I mashed in at 152F with the Simpsons Golden Promise malt crushed on my newly renovated malt mill.

I had a couple of brew assistants since the weather was so nice.

The biggest issue with the brew day was the 8 oz of leaf hops in the kettle that clogged my dip tube. I eventually got so fed up waiting for it to drain that I just dumped the whole kettle into the fermenter. I’ll have to careful about the transfer so that all those hops are left behind. It did smell absolutely delicious during the boil and the fermentation, which it has been doing for about a week at 62F. I’ll probably keg it in another week or so and I just had another position open in my kegerator, so I’m ready to taste this one.


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