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Mooney Stars IPA

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I received Butterglory Crumble a couple weeks ago and have not stopped listening to it since. I love the hooks and melody that they get with their simplistic set up of just a guitar and small drum set. They keep the songs short (not a single song runs longer than 3:30), but they are long enough to catch you singing along to the chorus. The album starts off right with the upbeat and pop-tastic “Waiting On The Guns.”  The Sonic Youth-esque “Summer’s Torn” displays the melodic abilities of Butterglory with the simple drums, Debby’s inaffectual voice and strumming guitar. The real star of this album, in my opinion, is “Jinxed” with it’s melodic guitar and rhythm that matches so well with the singing of Matt Suggs, but then moves into the noise of distortion. It really intertwines the pop hooks with the rock foundation of this album. I’m glad I got this album to complete my Butterglory library because it is my second favorite album of their’s behind Downed.

As I mentioned before, I had already thought about what the recipe would be for this “Mashing with Merge” brew. I decided that since Butterglory can make great music with a simple set up that I should be able to make a great beer with a simple set up. Based on this, I am doing a SMaSH (single malt, single hop) brew. I went with Simpsons Golden Promise malt as my single malt so that I will get some nice malty flavors and aroma. The single hop I chose are Citra because I love the strong citrus and resin-y hoppiness these produce. I said that I was going to put an interesting twist on this simple set and that twist is that I am going to hopburst this beer with 7 ounces of hops going into this brew but all at 15 minutes or later in the boil. The only ounce that is being added before this time is an ounce of first wort hops, but I’m not adding anything in the 60-20 minute time in the boil. This creates a “burst” of hop flavors and aroma with mild bitterness. Between the maltiness of the Golden Promise and the dank hoppiness of the Citra hops bursting through the flavor and aroma is making me really excited to brew this beer. As for the yeast, there really is nothing interesting as I’m just going to use White Labs 001 California Ale yeast. Just as the Pacific Ale yeast was a shout out to M. Ward’s Pacific NW roots, I’m going to claim that California Ale yeast is a shout out to Butterglory’s (well, Matt Suggs) California roots. It also helps that I was looking for a nice neutral yeast that would allow the malt and hops to shine in this beer.

I know I have not updated the progress of Requiem’s Rollercoaster, but it’s kegged – just waiting for a tap to open on the kegerator. It was 1.022 when I transferred it, but I’ve left it in the keg for a few weeks in the basement hoping that it will drop a few more points.

Well, I doubt my “Mooney Stars IPA” will garner as much attention as Requiem’s Rollercoaster did when I posted recipe, but I guess there’s not much post-apocalyptic demise in the “Mooney Stars IPA” name.


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