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So, it’s the first of the month which means its time to order my next Merge CD – even if it is the April 1st. I’m still playing it safe on this purchase with Butterglory’s Crumble.

I have all of Butterglory’s other albums and I saw them in concert right after Crumble was released. They opened for Superchunk and immediately my friend and I were struck by how simple, yet hook-y their songs were. I bought him the CD for his birthday which was shortly after that show. Unfortunately, that was back in the day before iTunes and CD copiers, though this is a CD that I would still purchase because Butterglory and Merge deserve every cent for this album.

Well, I’ve kind of already thought up the recipe for this beer and I should have the ingredients coming my way right about now. Look for a post in a couple of days with some actual notes on that specific recipe, but know that it’ll be an interesting twist on a simple beer.


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