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Nodding Head of Triumph

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During our New Jersey trip, I managed to get a friend to agree to lunch at Nodding Head. I’d always wanted to try this place out, but my family is more of a South Jersey dinner out crew than a Philly crew, except when I call them during restaurant week in Philly and they appear to be going out to every restaurant they can in Philly.

Anyway, it was a good lunch. Decent food and good beer. Since it was lunch and I was driving us back to Jersey, I only managed one beer. Also, this place is located on the second floor in downtown Philly, so they don’t have much room for storage which meant that they didn’t have growlers for beer-to-go. Another disappointment was they did not have any other merchandise, which is unfortunate beacause I like their slogan of “Taking Over the World 7 Barrels at a Time.”

I had the Bitter which was decent. They had a lot of Belgian beers which aren’t my favorite and they were out of the pale ale. It was a nice subtle beer with a good balance between the hops and the malt.

On Friday, I also convinced some other friends to hit up Triumph for dinner. This was a much more upscale swanky type place. It’s a chain with 2 other locations. I love the location in Olde City and interior of the bar with the old brick and woodwork. Also, they had several beers on tap. I was disappointed that their Simcoe IPA wasn’t on tap, but the IPA I had was excellent. It wasn’t as hoppy as I like them, but was tastey nonetheless. I also tried the Amber Ale, which really wasn’t anything to write home about. The only bummer of the night was the horrible rock-jazz-fusion band that came in and pretty much forced us all to go to Sugar Mom’s before I got a chance to try the Imperial Stout. That wasn’t too bad, though, because Sugar Mom’s had Victory Headwaters Pale Ale on tap, a nice session-able pale ale.


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