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New Jersey: Beer-topia?


I grew up in New Jersey. My first beer was in New Jersey. It was a Killian’s Red – yeah, I was that cool to have a Irish Red as my first beer. And of course, I drank a considerable amount of Yuengling Lager.

New Jersey also had some rediculous liquor laws. No sales on Sunday, no sales in a grocery store. Basically, you had to make sure that if your Sunday was gonna be filled with partying that you had to find a liquor store on Saturday – imagine that on Superbowl Sunday. Based on these archaic laws of the past, I think there was an insigificant beer culture in New Jersey. Lame.

Now, though, New Jersey is where it’s at. I can find beers that have only been mentioned briefly in my beer world. Rows of the liquor stores being filled with single bottles, bombers, and rare beers.

Granted, I can’t really review all these beers because 1. I’ve drank far too many of them throughout my vacation and 2. my palate isn’t the same because of the 2000% increase I’ve had in Chipotle consumption (we don’t have Chipotle in my part of Michigan). Of course, though, it can make me spend significant amounts of money at the liquor store (I could have spent so much more).

I do have a very close friend in the New Jersey liquor business and he confirmed that the laws have been seriously revamped since I left. He said the main reason was the consumer had changed – isn’t capitalism grand!


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3 thoughts on “New Jersey: Beer-topia?

  1. New Jersey Rocks! My local beer bar always has about 20 craft brews on draft and stocks 143 bottles. They had Founders Kentucky Bourbon Stout on draft last night …. what’s not to love. Now if we could only get our outrageous taxes and corrupt politicians fixed.

    • The Pourhouse? We hit that place up while I was in town. Quite a nice selection – I had Victory Headwaters, Firestone Walker Double Jack and something else.

      Jersey wasn’t always that awesome with regards to it’s beer selection, but I’m glad to see it come to its senses. Enjoy.

      • Yup, the Pourhouse. Due to it’s selection (and proximity to my house) it is my go to beer bar. It is however just one stop on our regular brew circuit (Max’s, Cork, Dublin Square, Monk’s, Good Dog, Varga Bar, Iron Hill, etc. …. I’m getting thirsty!)

        You are right on about Jersey’s brew history. I grew up in South Jersey and my dad worked for a beer distributor in the ’80s. Our house was probably the best stocked beer bar in town and all we had was Pabst, Miller, and Birch Beer on draft. PBR has it’s place but it’s no Pliny the Younger. But Jersey has come roaring back especially near Philly. I was reading that the Philly Metro Area consumes more beer than any city in the US and more than Munich. You should try to get back here for Philly Beer Week it is 10 days a beer heaven. []


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