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I haven’t posted anything this past week, but I do have a few drafts in the que. It’s not that I wasn’t doing anything beer related, I was on vacation with family consuming beer. Here’s just a few I sampled:

Terrapin Brewery: Hopsecutioner – I was rather disappointed in this beer. I’ve heard good things about it around the intertubes, but I think it was too “well-balanced.” Granted, I love hops, but IPAs, specifically American IPAs, should really be a hop-forward beer. It was a good beer, but felt more like a big pale ale, than an IPA.

Kona Brewing: Fire Rock – This is one of my favorite beers. I had it during a trip to Hawaii in 2004 and was extremely surprised that when we moved to Kentucky in 2006 that Kona distributed to there. Unfortunately, Michigan doesn’t get it, but oddly enough, New Jersey does. Anyway, it’s a great beer that definitely fits the APA profile. It’s well-balanced with a unique malt backbone that really accentuates the hops in this beer. Plus, I love the graphics and really want one of their tap handles.

Bear Republic: Racer 5 – Another excellent beer that I’ve had before during a trip to California in 2007. This beer definitely follows the American IPA standards with hops being at the forefront. There’s a nice hoppy flavor and aroma with a bitterness that doesn’t leave you with “bitter beer face.”

So, look forward to some posts this week, but for now, I’ve got to unpack the beer loot from my car and feed the snakes.

Also, the Recipe Page has been updated with a few, somewhat complete recipes (beer names link to a JPEG of the recipe spreadsheet).


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