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A Monster Fermentation

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As with any of my other beers, I religiously stalk the fermentation – checking on it daily, making sure the airlock is bubbling away, reading the temp, looking to see the krausen. This is one of the benefits of fermenting in a carboy. I enjoy watching the beer churning with yeasts converting all the sugars into alcohol. It’s a murky mess, but in a couple of weeks it will (hopefully) be the nectar of the gods.

Today, I checked on the fermentation and the airlock doesn’t have any sanitizer in it – because it’s full of blow off. The yeast and beer trub that float in the krausen have been pushed up and out of the fermenter and through the airlock. I’ve used this yeast before (or it’s Wyeast counterpart #1332) a few times and haven’t had this active of a fermentation. Granted, the carboy is only a 6G size, but I’ve fermented in it quite a few times and have only a handful of blow offs (usually when I pitch on top  of a yeast cake). Of course, the low mash temp that created a more fermentable wort could be responsible for part of this strong fermentation.

Anyway, the temp is still in the low 60s (the fermometer is reading 59-61F) which is still low for this yeast, but again I don’t necessarily think the recommended fermentation temperatures are a steadfast rule. I won’t have all the fruity esters that the yeast can add to the beer, but in my opinion an AAA should have a relatively clean fermentation profile.

Basically, this fermentation is going pretty well.


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