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It’s Friday night at Breakpoint.

I’m enjoying a Founder’s Centennial IPA. It’s a nice IPA that is easily too drinkable. A slight bitterness, but more importantly a nice hoppy resin finish. Centennial hops have a great aroma, but my preference is for the resin-y hop taste they have. Basically, I can easily put back a few, but at 7.2% ABV that would be dangerous. Luckily, my only plans for this evening are drinking this beer (and possibly a few more), weighing out my specialty grains for tomorrow’s brew, cold crashing my starter and writing this blog post.

As I mentioned, I weighed out my specialty grains for tomorrow’s brew day. We have a quarter pound of American roasted barley (I thought British roasted barley might push the beer too dark and astringent, so I went with the lighter American version) and three-quarter pounds of caramel 40L. I also weighed out the two pounds Vienna malt.

In other brewing news, I took the starter off the stir plate, poured off about a quart into a sanitized jar, then placed both in the fridge. Also, I worked a little on my grain mill and it seems to be working better. I’m still going to buy the hopper as it’ll be the best way to get this grain mill working at it’s optimum.

So, tomorrow is the first “Mashing with Merge” brew day in what will hopefully be many – I think I even picked out my next album already so there should be a “Mashing with Merge” brew day in April. Hopefully, I’m prepared enough that I can document and photograph the brew day and then post it all up on here.


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