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The First Night

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You gotta love “2 to 4 week free shipping”…..order the CD on Tuesday, get it on Saturday. Thank you, Merge Records!

Today, we had to run a few errands, so we listened to the CD in the car. I’m trying to update my grain mill because it was kind of jacked. I motorized the mill so that I could dump my grain in and take care of other stuff while it crushes the grain. Unfortunately, I’m not very good working with wood. I can do some basic stuff, but this build involved moving parts. Basically, my idle roller on my grain kept popping off and wouldn’t freely roll during the crush, so I’d have to dump the grain in scoop by scoop until all the grain was crushed. With my grain bills typically around 15 lbs, this would take a while and could easily make me dislike my brew day from the start. So today, I worked on the mill and even with significant preparation and diligent work, it’s only got a slight improvement over the previous version. Basically, I think I should just have bought the base and hopper from Northern Brewer from the start.

Anyway, this post isn’t really about the grain mill. I’ll save that for another time when it’s all nice and pretty, but right now, I need to write some thoughts about my first impression of M. Ward’s Post-War.

I really enjoy the acoustic guitar and rough vocals. It’s a nice subtle record that cruises along with an occassional upbeat number. As far as beer goes, this record reminds me of a balanced beer with a little spunk to it. I’m thinking an American Amber Ale that gets a nice little kick from a late hop addition and a preliminary title of Requiem‘s Rollercoaster Red.

Also, I’m trying out a new beer.

Paw Paw Brewing Company recently opened and has a few beers that are mostly available directly from the brewery. Unfortunately, when I stopped there their heat exchanger had gone out and caused their cold room to fill with smoke. The smokiness was also absorbed by some of their beers.  The guys at the brewery were pretty nice enough and rolled with it, but their beers are definitely not built for this smokey flavor. I’ve got a growler of their 2 Paws IPA, but I’ll wait to review it when I have a non-smokey sample.


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