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It’s time to start my “Mashing with Merge” project, which means it’s time to order a CD. As part of this project, my plan is going to be ordering my CDs from Merge Records or a local indie record store (seeing as my local Michigan town isn’t that hip, pretty much all purchases will be from Merge online). I’m doing this because I’d like to directly support the guys that help keep the awesome music coming out like I like to support the small breweries that keep the good beer flowing.

For my first step in this project, I’ve chosen to order M. Ward’s Post War. It’s a few years old, but I remember the reviews being excellent. I also remember walking around Electric Fetus with it in my hand before deciding to buy something else (or that I didn’t have money for it). Also, Merge is nice enough to stream the albums online and I really like the acoustic guitar and gruff vocals. Additionally, M. Ward is the “him” in She & Him, which I already know I like, so I thought this would be a safe purchase (I plan to branch out to unfamiliar artists later when I get more in depth with this project).

So, $12.98 later and I’ll be waiting eagerly for this CD to show up in the mail (I like buying CDs so that I have the actual physical recording as I’ve lost too many songs from computers and hard drives crashing. Plus, it’s easier to grab the CD to bring in the car with me which is my primary listening booth).


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